— Sector: Technology —
Showcasing the Benefits of Cross-Team Connections
Working in a big organization can feel really lonely. Lunchzeit helps workers expand their social circles beyond their team - all while eating tasty food. It plugs directly into a company's HR system and creates lunch matches - which has been shown to improve creativity, worker satisfaction, and productivity. I was brought in to overhaul their illustrative presence and created hero images, icons, and cool repeating backgrounds for the site. 
Client: Lunchzeit
— Sector: Heating systems —
Making a Smart Home Feel Like Home
Viessmann have been making heating solutions for over 100 years. Their smart app lets users control their house's heating system from anywhere in the world. I was tapped to create a set of three user-friendly illustrations for the app's onboarding flow, showcasing the various ways people could take care of their home.  
Client: Viessmann
— Sector: Consumer-facing marketplace —
Introducing the Future of Item Swapping
There is something exhilarating about yard sales. Scoring a fantastic deal on a rare item is what keeps people coming back. Caboodle is a fun fast-paced app that helps people find the same incredible deals through their phones. As the app's lead designer, I created a set of three onboarding illustrations to highlight the app's functionality as well as its cheerful spirit.
Client: Caboodle
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