— Website design —
a BOLD website
Network creates fresh branded content delivered via traditional communication channels. This young content studio deserved a website that reflected its ability to effortlessly join the old and the new.
Their web presence shows just that: retro communication devices are combined with bold visuals and subtle animations make the whole thing come alive.
Squarespace provided a great starting point for the website. I wrote custom CSS and HTML code to modify sections' style and layout.
What I Made: Website Design, UI, Visuals, Implementation in Squarespace
Skills Used: UX, UI, Design, Animation, CSS, HTML
Tools Used: Figma, After Effects, Photoshop, Dreamweaver
Client: Network
Hero Image
The first things users see on the site is the colorful and playful animated hero image. I made the photo collage and animated the glitching NETWORK logo and the color bar test

I established the visual style and created custom collage imagery to accompany Network's work samples. 

The website's font choices reflect the modern-vs-retro theme. The modern Poppins font is used in headlines and throughout the copy, whereas Besley provides additional context in labels below visuals and content pieces.

The website's wireframes side-by-side with the finished design.

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