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Unleashing Women's Inner Strength
The right tools and the right mindset: that's what a woman needs in order to defend herself in an unpleasant situation. This kind of life-saving, indispensable knowledge needs to be shared widely with people across the globe.
Pretty Deadly Self Defense is a program that does just that. On top of regularly scheduled in-person classes, they also offer a handy app that teaches women the basics of self defense.
I was brought in to re-structure and re-design an existing barebones app. The biggest task before me was presenting information in a clear and accessible. I combined similar content, logically organized its presentation, and paid special attention to the friendliness of the design.
Skills Used: UX, UI, Design, Animation
Tools Used: Figma, Photoshop, Good Barber
Client: Pretty Deadly Self Defense
Logo design: Kseniya Apresyan
Splash screen, Log in screen, and the Learn tab
One of the many videos that live in the Learn tab; the Get inspired tab; the Blog category is a live medium.com feed
The Learn tab is the most important section of the app. It contains a vast variety of educational videos. I organized the videos by general topic: mindset and technique, with each sub-section splitting into multiple categories of its own. I made sure the navigation felt intuitive by employing additional navigation sub-sections and creating visuals explaining each video category.

Category visuals created for the app. L to R: Targets, Push past your comfort zone, Boundaries, Three rules of self defense, What if I freeze?, Make some noise, Welcome, How do I know this will work?,  Fighting back, What if I hurt someone?
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